Romé de L'Isle, (Jean-Baptiste Louis) de.
Cristallographie ou description des formes propres ŕ tous les corps du rčgne minéral dans l'état de combinaison saline, pierreuse ou métallique. 2e édition. 4 Bände.

Paris, Imprimerie de Monsieu (Didot, Barrois), 1783. - (20,5 x 12,5 cm). XXXVIII (2) 623 S./ (4) 659 S./ (4) 611 S./ XVI, 80 S. Mit 12 mehrfach gefalteten Kupfertafeln und 32 mehrfach gefalteten Tabellen. Halblederbände der Zeit.

Letzte und beste Ausgabe, gegenüber der Ausgabe von 1772 um zwei zusätzliche Bände vermehrt. - His "major work, the 'Cristallographie' (1783), was first advertised as a second edition of his 'Essai', but instead it was expanded and comprised three volumes and an atlas describing more than 450 crystal forms. In this book rather than using any physical basis, Romé followed both Linnaeus and Domenico Guglielmini in classifying crystals by arbitrary primitive formes.... Each crystal described was measured precisely. In the course of making terracotta models, Romé's assistant, Arnould Carangeot, had discovered the constancy of interfacial angles; and, using a contact goniometer invented for the purpose, he had made measurements of the interfacial angles (exact to about half a degree) of each mineral that Romé listed. Both these aspects - the tabulation of primitive forms and the measurement of interfacial angles - were of central importance to Romé's crystallography... Romé's chief scientific goal was the establishment of mineralogy on a firm basis of crystallography. His major contribution toward this end was the formulation of the law of the constancy of interfacial angles which became the cornerstone of crystallography. Although earlier investigators - including Hooke, Erasmus Bartholin, Steno, Huygens, Philippe de la Hire and Guglielmini - had made incidental statements about such a constancy in one or two substances, Carangeot and Romé were the first to enunciate it as a general law of nature" (DSB). - Drei Blätter mit hinterlegten Fehlstellen im weißen Rand (ohne Textverlust). Einbände gering berieben. Insgesamt nahezu fleckenfreies Exemplar in zeitgenössischen Einbänden und guter Erhaltung. - DSB 11, 520; Cole 1124; Sinkankas 5526; Sotheran First Suppl. 4826; Ward & Carozzi 1907

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