Mesmer, (Franz Anton).
Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal.

Genf und Paris, Didot le jeune, 1779. - (16,5 x 10 cm). (2) VI, 85 (3w) S. - Beigebunden: D'Eslon, (Charles). Observations sur le magnétisme animal. London und Paris. Didot, Saugrain und Clousier. 1780. (4) 151 S. Pappband der Zeit.

Sammelband mit den beiden wichtigsten Schriften aus der Frühzeit des Mesmerismus. - Zu I: Erste Ausgabe des Manifests des Mesmerismus. - "A foundational work in the history of modern psychology. In this, Mesmer's first and most influential public presentation of his theory of animal magnetism... Mesmer came to the conclusion that the human body itself is a magnet and that the physician, using his own body magnetically, can produce the most effective cures... Mesmer states that in this way animal magnetism can cure nervous disorders directly and other disorders indirectly... Although Mesmer lived and wrote until 1815, he never significantly altered the outline of his theory as it is presented in the 'Mémoire' of 1779. It contains all the basic principles which were to be applied to treatment of the sick by 'magnetizers' for decades to come" (Crabtree). "This cheaply printed first edition is Mesmer's definitive work on animal magnetism" (Heirs). - Garrison-Morton 4992.1; Crabtree 10; PMM 225; Heirs of Hippocrates 1013. - Zu II: Erste Ausgabe. - D'Eslon, Professor für Medizin in Paris und Leibarzt des Grafen von Artois, wurde 1778 von Mesmer in seine Lehre eingeweiht und war von da an dessen eifrigster Anhänger. "Because of his standing in the medical world, D'Eslon gave Mesmer credibility among the intelligentsia of Paris. This book was his major opus on animal magnetism in which he describes his first exposure to animal magnetism and how he became convinced of its efficacy..." (Crabtree 12). - Exlibris. Vortitel mit Widmung und Notizen von alter Hand. Vereinzelt gering stockfleckig, Vorsätze etwas stärker. Rücken sorgfältig restauriert. Insgesamt gut erhalten

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