Faraday, Michael.
On the Diamagnetic Conditions of Flame and Gases. SS. (401)-421. In: The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. Vol. 31, No. 210.

(London, Taylor), 1847. - (22,5 x 14,5 cm). SS. (401)-480. Rohe Bogen.

Erste Ausgabe dieser bedeutenden Arbeit. "The discovery of diamagnetism stimulated the production of theories to account for this new phenomenon" (DSB). - In einem Brief an Becquerel vom 30.12.1850 schreibt Faraday "In reference to the magnetism of oxygen... in 1847, I showed its high magnetic character in relation to nitrogen and all other gases, and that air owed its place amongst them to the oxygen it contained. I even endeavoured to analyse the air, separating its oxygen and nitrogen by magnetic force, for I thought such a result possible. All this you will find in (this) paper... In it you will find the effect of heat on oxygen, air, etc. The experiments were all revised, and made upon the principles before developed concerning the mutual relation of substances and the media surrounding them..." (Appleyard: A Tribute to Michael Faraday S. 121). - Gut erhalten. - DSB 4, 527; Jeffreys 363

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