Andrade, E(dward) N(eville) da C(osta) und C. Henderson
The mechanical behaviour of single crystals of certain face-centred cubic metals.

London, Cambridge University Press, 1951. - (30 x 23,5 cm). SS. (177)-203. Mit 2 Tafeln und 34 Abbildungen. Original-Broschur. (Sonderdruck aus: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society).

Erste Ausgabe. - "In 1951, with Henderson, Andrade developed a new method for growing single crystals of metals of higher melting point; and they made careful studies of the stress-strain curves obtained when pure and clean crystal of silver and gold, so prepard, were stretched in tension" (Biogr. Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society). - Sauber und wohlerhalten

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