Herschel, (Alexander Stewart).
Positions of the Radiant Point of the Meteor Shower of Nov. 27th, 1872.

Ohne Ort, (1872). - (21 x 14 cm). 5 (7) S. Mit 1 Abbildung. Pappband um 1920. (Sonderdruck aus: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astron. Society).

Erste Ausgabe. - "For the 'Monthly Notices' of the Royal Astronomical Society he prepared the annual reports on meteoric astronomy each February from 1872 to 1880 and contributed many other important papers to the 'Notices.' In one of these (June 1872), on meteor showers connected with Biela's comet, he predicted the shower which recurred at the end of November of that year" (DNB). - Mit zwei Korrekturen von alter Hand, sonst gut erhalten

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