Hamilton, W(illiam) R(owan).
On the application to dynamics of a general mathematical method previously applied to optics. SS. 513-518. - Und: Derselbe. On conjugate functions, or algebraic couples, as tending to illustrate generally the doctrine of imaginary quantities, and as confirming the results of Mr. Graves respecting the existence of two independent integers in the complete expression of an imaginary logarithm. SS. 519-523. In: Report of the fourth meeting of the British Association for the Advancment of Science.

London, Murray, 1835. - (22 x 14 cm). XLVIII, 700 S. Mit 1 mehrfach gefalteten gestochenen Tafel. Leinwandband um 1900.

Zwei seltene erste Ausgaben. - "All of Hamilton's work in optics and dynamics depended on a single central idea, that of the characteristic function. It was the first of his two great 'discoveries.'... His algebraic couples consisted of all ordered pairs of real numbers, for which Hamilton defined rules of addition and multiplication. He then demonstrated that these couples constituted a commutative associative division algebra, and that they satisfied the rules for operations with complex numbers. For some mathematicians the theory of number couples was a more significant contribution to mathematics than the discovery of quaternions... This was a time of intense intellectual activity for Hamilton. He was deeply involved in the study of dynamics as well as the algebra of number couples" (DSB). - Exlibris. Gestempelt, Titel mit Perforationsstempel, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 6, 85

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