(Joliot-)Curie, Irčne und F(rederic) Joliot.
Un nouveau type de radioactivité. SS. 254-256 mit 1 Abbildung. In: Comptes rendus.... de l'Academie des sciences. Tome 198.

Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1934. - (25 x 21,5 cm). 2419 (statt 2421) S. Halbleinwandband der Zeit.

Erste Ausgabe dieser bedeutenden Arbeit über die Synthese neuer radioaktiver Elemente, für die die beiden Wissenschaftler 1935 mit dem Nobelpreis für Chemie ausgezeichnet wurden. - "These atoms therefore had to be atoms of a radioactive isotope of phosphorus that would be transformed by the emission of positive electrons and neutrinos into atoms of one of the known stable isotopes of silicon. The similar production, by the irradiation of boron with apha-rays, of a radioelement emitting positive electrons possessing a period of more than ten minutes was also established; this radioelement had to be an isotope of nitrogen. Frédéric Joliot and Irčne Curie announced their discovery of a new type of radioactivity and of the artificial formation of light radioelements in a note to the Academy of Sciences on 15 January 1934... These elegant experiments, which provided the first chemical proof of induced transmutations and showed the possibility of artificially creating radioisotopes of known stable elements, were repeated and extended in the major nuclear physics laboratories of various countries" (DSB). - Stempel auf Titel. Die Seiten (durch Postversand) mit senkrechtem Knick. Ohne Reihentitel. Rücken und Vorsätze erneuert, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 7, 151 und157

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