Herapath, William Bird.
On the remarkable optical properties of a new salt of Quinine, the iodide of disulphate of Quinine.

Ohne Ort, (Ca. 1855). - (19,5 x 13 cm). 15 S. Rückenbroschur.

Sehr seltene erste Ausgabe in einem Sonderdruck, vermutlich aus dem Philosophical Magazine. - "A number of important discoveries were reported in Herapath's articles. The most celebrated of these discoveries occurred in 1852, when Herapath attempted to prepare polarizing capsules of large aperture. He succeeded in producing small but usable crystals of the iodosulfate of quinine (now known as herapathite), which he patented for optical use. Herapathite absorbs completely one component of polarization and transmits the other with little loss" (DSB). - Sehr sauber und gut erhalten. - DSB 6, 293

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