Fermi, Enrico.
The Ionization Loss of Energy in Gases and in Condensed Materials. SS. 485-493. In: The Physical Review. Second series. Vol. 57, No. 6.

Lancaster, 1940. - (26,5 x 20 cm). SS. (461)-572. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. Original-Broschur.

Erste Ausgabe. - "It is shown that the loss of energy of a fast charged particle due to the ionization of the material through which it is passing is considerably affected by the density of the material. The effect is due to the alteration of the electric field of the passing particle by the electric polarization of the medium. A theory based on classical electrodynamics shows that by equal mass of material traversed, the loss is larger in a rarefied substance than in a condensed one. The application of these results to cosmic radiation problems is discussed especially in view of the possible explanation on this basis of part of the difference in the absorption of mesotrons in air and in condensed materials that is usually interpreted as evidence for a spontaneous decay of the mesotron" (Abstract). - Gut erhalten. - DSB 4, 576; Segrč 134

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