Hermite, (Charles).
Sur la fonction exponentielle. SS. 18-24, 74-79, 226-233 und (285)-293. In: Comptes rendus... de l'academie des sciences. Tome 77.

Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1873. - (27 x 22 cm). 1628 S. Halbleinwandband der Zeit.

Erste Ausgabe seiner berühmtesten Arbeit, in der er beweist, dass die Zahl "e" transzendent ist. Darauf aufbauend beweist Lindemann 1882 die Transzendenz der Kreiszahl "Pi" und damit die Unmöglichkeit der Quadratur des Kreises. - "One of the bestknown facts about Hermite is that he first proved the transcendence of e (1873). In a sense this last is paradigmatic of all of Hermite's discoveries. By a slight adaptation of Hermite's proof, Felix (!) Lindemann, in 1882, obtained the much more exciting transcendence of Pi. Thus, Lindemann, a mediocre mathematician, became even more famous than Hermite for a discovery for which Hermite had laid all the groundwork and that he had come within a gnat's eye of making. If Hermite's work were scrutinized more closely, one might find more instances of Hermitean preludes to important discoveries by others, since it was his habit to disseminate his knowledge lavishly in correspondence, in his courses, and in short notes... Hermite's most important results have been so solidly incorporated into more general structures and so intensely absorbed by more profound thought that they are never attributed to him. Hermite's principle, for example, famous in the nineteenth century, has been forgotten as a special case of the Riemann-Roch theorem. Hermite's work exerted a strong influence in his own time, but in the twentieth century a few historians, at most, will have cast a glance at it" (DSB). - Einband etwas bestoßen, sonst sauber und gut erhalten. - DSB 6, 306

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