(L'Hospital, Guillaume François Antoine de).
Analyse des infiniment petits, pour l'intelligence des lignes courbes.

Paris, l'Imprimerie Royale, 1696. - (25,5 x 19 cm). (18) 181 (2) S. Mit gestochener Titelvignette, 3 Textvignetten und 11 gefalteten Kupfertafeln. Dekorativer Lederband der Zeit mit reicher Rückenvergoldung und dreiseitigem Goldschnitt.

Erste Ausgabe. - "The first textbook of the differential calculus, which includes the original publication of ideas originated and developed by Leibniz and the Bernoullis. L'Hospital, who learned the new calculus from Johann I Bernoulli, entered into a financial arrangement with Bernoulli whereby, for an allowance, Bernoulli would communicate to him some of his (Bernoulli's) mathematical discoveries. L'Hospital freely acknowledged his indeptedness to his sources, but also claimed credit for some work which was not his own. The ninth chapter of his textbook contains what is now known as 'L'Hospital's rule' for finding the limiting value of a fraction whose numerator and denominator tend to zero; however, this rule was actually the work of Bernoulli, who included it in his letter to L'Hospital of 22 July 1694" (Norman). - Papierbedingt gering gebräunt und stellenweise leicht fleckig. Einband sorgsam restauriert. Insgesamt gut erhalten. - DSB 8, 304; Norman 1345; Babson, Suppl. S. 30

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