Moivre, Abraham de.
The Doctrine of Chances: or, a Method of Calculating the Probabilities of Events in Play. 2nd edition, fuller, clearer, and more correct than the First.

London, Printed for the Author, by H. Woodfall, 1738. - (27,5 x 21,5 cm). (4) XIV (2w) 258 (1) S. Mit Titelvignette und 6 (3 gestochenen) Kopf- bzw. Schlußvignetten. Lederband der Zeit.

Gegenüber der ersten Ausgabe von 1718 um über 80 Seiten vermehrt. - "The first textbook for the calculus of probabilities. It constitutes the results of the activities of its author as a private instructor of mathematics. It was based on the concept of probability and its classical measure; it contained in an introductory theoretical part the main rules, extended the mathematical methods for the solution of its problems by analytical tools, and offered from the second edition on an approximation of the binomial by the normal distribution... A second edition (1738) contained his normal approximation to the binomial distribution, which he had found in 1733... De Moivre's greatest mathematical achievement is considered a form of the central limit theorem, which he found in 1733 at the age of 66. He understood his central limit theorem as a generalization and a sharpening of Bernoulli's 'Theorema aureum', which was later named 'the law of large numbers' by S. D. Poisson" (Landmark writings). - "De Moivre's masterpiece is 'The Doctrine of Chances'. A Latin version appeared as 'De mensura sortis' in 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society'... He was able to dedicate his first book, 'The Doctrine of Chances', to Newton; and the aging Newton would, it is said, turn students away with 'Go to Mr. De Moivre; he knows these things better than I do'" (DSB). - Exlibris. Stempel mit Elephant auf Titel. Vereinzelt gering fleckig. Vorsätze erneuert und Rücken sorgsam restauriert. Insgesamt wohlerhalten. - DSB 9, 452; Landmark writings in western mathematics S. 105; Kress 4395; vgl. Norman 1529 (EA)

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