Burdon-Sanderson, J(ohn Scott) und F. J. M. Page.
Notice of further Experimental Researches on the Time-relations of the Excitatory Process in the Ventricle of the Heart of the Frog. SS. 373-383. - Und: Derselbe. On a New Rheotome. SS. 383-387. Mit 2 Abbildungen. In: Proceedings of the Royal Society. Vol. 30, No. 204.

(London, Taylor & Francis, 1880). - (21,5 x 14 cm). SS. 373-467. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. Original-Broschur.

Zu I: Erste Ausgabe. - "These workers were among the first to study the action currents of the heart, and made the first records (with the capillary electrometer) of the minute electrical current produced by the beating of the heart" (Garrison-Morton 824). - Zu II: Erste Ausgabe. - "I beg leave to submit to the Royal Society the following description of an instrument intended for the purpose of investigating the successive phases of the electrical change which takes place in the excitable parts of plants and animals in consequence of excitation. Two instruments intended for a similar purpose are already in use. One of them, known as the differential or repeating rheotome, was devised by Professor Bernstein, and described by him in bis work 'On the Excitation Process in the Nervous and Muscular Systems,' published in 1871. The other is called by its contriver, Professor Hermann, the Fall Rheotome, and is described in a paper published in 'Pflüger's Archiv' in 1877... In each of these instruments, as also in the instrument now to be described, two independent circuits, one of which may be called the exciting circuit, the other the galvanoscopic, are successively closed and immediately afterwards opened by a mechanism of such a nature that the time-interval between the two closures and (as regards the galvanoscopic circuit) the duration of the period of closure may be varied according to the purpose of the observation, and accurately measured" (Abstract). - Burdon-Sanderson (1828-1905) war Professor für praktische Physiologie und Histologie in London und Oxford. - Sauber und wohlerhalten

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