Hamilton, William Rowan.
On Fluctuating Functions.

(Dublin, Graisberry and Gill, 1842). - (26,5 x 21 cm). SS. 264-321. Rückenbroschur. (Aus: Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy).

Erste Ausgabe. - "This memoir exhibits in a remarkable degree the power of generalization for which Hamilton is famous, and the results contained therein are still of very considerable interest, also they can scarcely be regarded as possessing a permanent importance comparable with that of the quaterion analysis" (Hobson). - Erstes Blatt mit kleiner Randläsur und vom letzten Blatt ist nur 1/4 vorhanden (ohne Textverlust), sonst sauber und gut erhalten. - DSB 6, 85

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