Geiger, H(ans) und E(rnst) Marsden.
Über die Zahl der von der Aktinium- und Thoriumemanation ausgesandten alpha-Teilchen. SS. 7-11. Mit 2 Abbildungen. In: Physikalische Zeitschrift. Jg. 11.

Leipzig, Hirzel, 1910. - (27,5 x 19,5 cm). XXIV, 1260 S. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und 36 Tafeln. Moderner Halbleinwandband im Stil der Zeit.

Erste Ausgabe. - "The beam of alpha particles was observed to spread. Geiger investigated this scattering effect and was joined in 1909 by Ernest Marsden. Using a scintillation detector, they observed the number of particles scattered at various angles of incidence. They detected alpha particles reflected at angles sufficiently large to make inadequate a statistical interpretation based upon multiple scattering. On preliminary evidence Rutherford was led to propose in 1911 that this effect was due to single scattering from compact nuclei. He theoretically predicted the behavior of a set of scattering parameters based upon a nuclear model of the atom" (DSB). - Sauber und wohlerhalten. - DSB 6, 330

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