Kapitza, P(eter).
The study of the specific resistance of bismuth crystals and its change in strong magnetic fields and some allied problems. SS. 358-443. Mit 4 Tafeln. In: Proceedings of the Royal Society. Series A. Vol. 119.

London, Harrison, 1928. - (25,5 x 17,5 cm). VI, VIII, 710, XXXVI S. Mit Abbildungen und Tafeln. Leinwandband der Zeit.

Erste Ausgabe. - "Kapitza's first major research with the new equipment was an extensive study of how the electrical resistance of metals increases with magnetic field. This was chosen partly because it was the simplest kind of measurement to make in a pulsed field and partly because it had been relatively little explored before. A general feature of the results was that the resistance, after starting off quadratically in field, eventually changed asymptotically to linear variation, often known as Kapitza's law of magnetoresistance. He was able to fit his results to a theory based essentially on the ad hoc assumption that ideally the basic law was linear but that this ideal behaviour was disturbed by the presence of randomly directed internal magnetic fields superimposed on the applied field" (Shoenberg). - Stempel auf Titel. Vorsätze erneuert. Rücken verfärbt, sonst sauber und gut erhalten.

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