Eddington, A(rthur) S(tanley).
A Comparison of Whitehead's and Einstein's formulas. S. 192. - Und: H(endrik) A(nthony) Kramers. The law of dispersion and Bohr's theory of spectra. SS. 673-674. In: Nature. Vol. 113.

London, Macmillan, 1924. - (26,5 x 19 cm). LVII, 948 S. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. Halbleinwandband der Zeit.

Zu I: Erste Ausgabe. - "It is possible to demonstrate, as did Eddington... that the predictions of Whitehead's theory and those of Einstein's general theory of relativity are equivalent with respect to the four tests of relativity: the deflection of a light ray, the red shift, the advance in the perihelion of a satellite, and radar time delay. The equivalence of the two theories with respect to these tests rests in the remarkable fact that both theories, when solved for a static, spherically symmetrical gravitational field, produce the Schwarzschild solution of the field equations" (DSB 14, 306). - Zu II: Erste Ausgabe. - Kramers important paper on the law of dispersion. - Stempel auf Titel. Einband gering berieben, sonst sauber und gut erhalten

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