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About us

Since 1983, we are specialized in the fields of history of natural science, technique, medicine and their peripheries. In addition to old, rare and important works of the last centuries, we also run scientific second hand titles.

Except for the classic subjects like architecture and construction, engineering, astronautics, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, physics and technique, you also find peripheries like agriculture and horticulture, trade commemorative publications and sales-catalogues, photo technique, balneology, homeopathy, microscopy and traffic.

Our catalogues always contain a cross section of our generous stock. From time to time, we publish lists for special subjects like alchemy, automobile, mining, beer, steam engines, railroad, fire brigade, forestry, glass, gynaecology, aeronautics, mineralogy, pomiculture, optics, ornithology, fungi, astronautics, broadcasting, navigation, tobacco, tea and coffee, telegraphy, telephony, clocks, wine, dentistry, etc. Please demand the special lists if you are interested in them.

We also note your requests and will send individual offers to you.

Wether you are looking for old books or you would like to sell old books, we are gladly available to you. Feel free to call us, write us or send us an email. Of course we assure absolute discretion.

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