Lorenz, L(udvig Valentin).
Lysbevaegelsen i og uden for en af plane Lysbolger belyst kugle.

Kobenhagen, Luno, 1890. - (26,5 x 21 cm). 62 S. Original-Broschur, unaufgeschnitten. (Sonderdruck aus: Det kgl. Danske videnskabernes selskabs skrifter).

Erste Ausgabe dieser bedeutenden Veröffentlichung. - "In 1890, Lorenz published (the above) paper on the diffraction of plane waves by a transparent sphere, again using his fundamental wave equation with the relevant boundary conditions; he thereby anticipated later calculations by Mie and Debye. Unfortunately, this very important paper was published only in Danish, and thus it had no influence on later developments. This paper contains the first determination of the number of molecules in a given volume of air, based upon the scattering of sunlight in the atmosphere. It is the first fairly accurate estimation of the order of magnitude of Avogadro’s number" (DSB). - Sauber und gut erhalten. - DSB 8, 501

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