Fermi, Enrico.
Quantum Theory of Radiation. SS. 87-132. In: Reviews of Modern Physics. Vol. 4, No. 1.

Minneapolis, 1932. - (25,5 x 17,5 cm). 204 S. Mit Abbildungen. Original-Broschur.

Erste Ausgabe. "Lectures Delivered on the Symposium for Theoretical Physics during the Summer Session of 1930 at the University of Michigan". - "Fermi described his work on quantum theory of radiation in a series of lectures he gave at the Institut Poincaré in Paris in 1929, and in more complete form at the summer school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1930... At any rate, when the University of Michigan invited him to teach theoretical physics at a summer session, he accepted happily. He found two old friends, Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit, the discoverers of the electron spin, who had moved from their native Holland to Ann Arbor... Ehrenfest joined the group for the summer, and the atmosphere was most congenial. Fermi lectured on the quantum theory of radiation and explained that rather new and difficult subject very beautifully. The visit to Ann Arbor was a great success scientifically and was a pleasant interlude for Fermi - so much so that he became one of the most frequent attendants of the summer school there, returning in 1933 and 1935" (Segrč, Fermi S. 55 und 63). - Rücken mit zwei kleinen Fehlstellen, sonst gut erhalten

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