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Artikel 22077-02

Bild von Artikel 22077-02

22077-02  Bohlin, Karl.
On the Galactic System with Regard to its Structure, Origin, and Relations in Space. (30,5 x 24,5 cm). 23 S. Mit 4 Abbildungen und 6 Tafeln. Original-Leinwandband. (K. Svenska Vetensk. Handl.).
Uppsala & Stockholm, Almqvist & Wiksell, 1909.
Erste Ausgabe mit handschriftlicher Widmung des Verfassers. - Bohlin (1860-1939) "was a theoretical astronomer, known primarily for work on the orbits of asteroids and other three-body problems... He was probably the first to call attention to the asymmetric distribution of globular clusters and, assuming that they are centered on the galactic center, in 1909 he computed its longitude in excellent agreement with the current value" (Bior. Encyclop. of Astronomers). - Stempel auf Titel, sonst gut erhalten

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