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Artikel 103162-01

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103162-01  Cooley, James W. und John W. Tukey.
An algorithm for the machine calculation of complex Fourier series. SS. 297-301. In: Mathematics of Computation. Vol. 19, No. 90. (24,5 x 16,5 cm). SS. 177-365. Original-Broschur.
Providence, American Mathematical Society, 1965.
Erste Ausgabe. - "Cooley and Tukey's paper introduced the fast Fourier transform algorithm (FFT) to the scientific computing world. The paper had its basis in Tukey's demonstration that: 'if N, the number of terms in a Fourier series, is a composite, N = ab, then the series can be expressed as an a-term series of subseries of b terms each. If one were computing all values of the series, this would reduce the number of operations from N² to N log N... Tukey's form of the algorithm, with repeated factors, has the great advantage that a computer program need only contain instructions for the algorithm for the common factor. Indexed loops repeat this basic calculation and permit one to iterate up to an arbitrary high N, limited only by time and storage' (Cooley 1987, 133, 136). The great economies of calculation effected by FFT made possible a number of major advances in scientific computing, including digital filtering, spectral analysis, and digital methods for processing speech, music, and images. Among Tukey's other accomplishments was his coinage of the term 'bit' (for binary digit) sometime in 1946; see Annals of the History of Computing 6 (1984): 152-55" (Origins of Cyberspace) - Erstes Blatt mit hinterlegter kleiner Fehlstelle im weißen Rand. Rücken sauber nachgebunden, sonst wohlerhalten. - Origins of Cyberspace 548.

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