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Artikel 109366-01

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109366-01  Schiaparelli, Giovanni Virginio.
Osservazioni astronomiche e fisiche sulla topografia e costituzione del pianeta Marte fatte nella Specola Reale di Brera in Milano coll'equatoriale di Merz-Repsold (18 pollici) durante l'opposizione del 1888. Memoria 6 (von 7). (29,5 x 21 cm). 114 S. Mit 5 lithographierten Tafeln. Moderner Pappband im Stil der Zeit. (Reale Accademia dei Lincei).
Rom, Salviucci, 1899.
Erste Ausgabe. - "In the 1888 opposition, which occurred under good atmospheric conditions, he found it impossible to represent adequately all the detailed features and their colors. Observing the geminations that had been absent from the preceding opposition, Schiaparelli thought that their reappearance constituted a strictly periodic phenomenon related to the solar year of Mars, and that it was necessary to follow it closely in successive, and more favorable, oppositions. He noted that the split canals appeared and remained visible for a few days or weeks before again becoming simple canals or disapearing entirely" (DSB). - Titel leicht gebräunt und gestempelt, sonst sauber und gut erhalten. - DSB 12, 159

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