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Artikel 109488-01

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109488-01  Brenner, Rudolf.
Untersuchungen und Beobachtungen auf dem Gebiete der Elektrotherapie. 4 Teile in 1 Band. (22,5 x 15 cm). XVI, 263 S.; XII (2) 332 (4) S. Mit 5 gefalteten lithographierten Tafeln, davon 4 farbig. Leinwandband der Zeit.
Leipzig, Giesecke & Devrient, 1868-69.
Erste Ausgabe. - "The significance of the phenomena of electrotonus and the importance of the laws of contraction for electrotherapy were recognized shortly after the publication of Pflüger's work in 1859. But did they apply to humans? ... (Brenner) found that the laws of electrotonus applied to humans, and that effects supposed to be caused by the passage of an ascending or decending current were entirely due to the increased or decreased state of excitability in the neighborhood of the cathode or anode, respectively.... Brenner was particularly interested in the conflicting reports concerning the value of electrotherapy in deafness and investigated the subject in great detail. His results appeared in the first volume of his important work 'Untersuchungen und Beobachtungen...'. He studied the effect of applying first one electrode and then the other to both the normal and the deaf ear. He found that in many cases of 'noises in the ear' (sometimes more troublesome to the sufferer than actual deafness) the sound was increased by the application of one electrode and diminished by the other. He found also that if treatment with the electrode causing a diminution of the sound was carried out, the noise either disappeared permanently or was greatly decreased, and the actual hearing showed some improvement. In the second volume, which was published in 1869, Brenner extended his method to other parts of the body for the treatment of cerebral, spinal, and peripheral palsies" (Rowbottom-Susskind, Electricity and Medicine S. 109). - Stempel auf Vorsatz. Minimal gebräunt bzw. stockfleckig. Einband leicht bestoßen, sonst gut erhalten

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