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Artikel 109936-01

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109936-01  Rankine, (William John Macquorn).
On the Thermal Energy of Molecular Vortices. (27,5 x 21,5 cm). 1 Bl., SS. 557-566. Moderner Halbleinwandband. (Sonderdruck aus: Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh).
Edinburgh, Selbstverlag, 1869.
Erste Ausgabe im seltenen Sonderdruck. - "The object of the present paper is to show how the general equation of thermodynamics, and other propositions, are deduced from the hypothesis of molecular vortices, when freed from all special suppositions as to the figure and arrangement of the vortices, and the properties of the matter that moves in them, and reduced to the following form: 'That thermometric heat consists in a motion of the particles of bodies in circulating streams, with a velocity either constant or fluctuating periodically'. This, of course, implies that the forces acting amongst those particles are capable of transmitting that motion" (Einleitung). - Der schottische Physiker und Ingenieur Rankine (1820-1872), einer der Begründer der Thermodynamik, hat wichtige Beiträge zur Theorie der Dampfmaschine geliefert. - Stempel auf Titel, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 11, 291

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