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Artikel 103066-01

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103066-01  Thomson, J(oseph) J(ohn).
Conduction of Electricity through Metals. SS. 192-202. - Und: Derselbe. Mass, Energy and Radiation. SS. 679-689. In: The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. Sixth Series. Vol. 30, No. 175 und Vol. 39, No. 234. 2 Hefte. (22,5 x 14 cm). 207 S./ SS. (633)-704, VI S. Mit Abbildungen. Original-Broschuren.
London, Taylor & Francis, 1915-20.
Zwei erste Ausgaben. - Zu I: "It is the object of this paper to show that the effects discoverd by Kamerlingh Onnes are in accordance with the theory of Metallic Conduction which I gave in 'The Corpuscular Theory of Matter', and which, with the substitution of an elctron for a charged atom, is substantially the same as that given in my 'Application of Dynamics to Physics and Chemistry'" (S. 193). - Zu II: "The object of this paper is to endeavour to suppply a method of representing in terms of physicals conceptions the processes occurring in physical phenomena" (S. 679). - Wohlerhalten. - DSB 13, 362.

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