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Artikel 90903-01

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90903-01  Elster, J(ulius) und H(ans) Geitel.
Recherches sur la radioactivité induite par l'air atmosphèrique. (22 x 14,5 cm). 16 S. Rückenbroschur. (Sonderdruck aus: Archives des sciences physiques et naturelles).
(Paris, 1902).
Erste Ausgabe. - "With the experience they had gained in radioactivity investigations, Elster and Geitel set themselves the question of wheather the ionization of the atmosphere results from radioactive material within it... Under definite, accurately determined experimental and measurement conditions, its activity was found to be proportional to the concentration of the radium emanation (radon) of the free atmosphere. This is known as the Elster-Geitel activation number" (DSB). - Etwas angestaubt. - DSB 4, 354

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