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Artikel 111848-01

Bild von Artikel 111848-01

111848-01  Bergman, Torbern (Olof).
Afhandling om blaesröret, samt dess bruk och nytta vid kroppars undersökning, i synnerhet de mineraliske. (19 x 12 cm). 76 S. Mit 1 gefalteten Kupfertafel. Moderner Halblederband, unbeschnitten.
Stockholm, Brodin, 1781.
Sehr seltene erste schwedische Ausgabe. - "In 'De Tubo Ferruminatorio' Bergman provides the fullest account to date of the equipment and fluxes used in blowpipe analysis. Using a modified three-piece blowpipe made from silver with a gold tip, he records the reactions of minerals fused with the three fluxes of soda, borax and microcosmic salt (sodium ammonium phosphate) in hollow charcoal supports or silver or gold spoons. He is also the first to distinguish between the oxidizing and reducing flames of the flame, which he used with excellent effect in qualitative analysis to determine the elements making up many minerals. Although introduced by Swab, Rinman, Cronstedt and popularized by Engström, it was Bergman's success in blowpipe analysis and his excellent texts that made it an important tool of the mineralogist and chemist for almost two centuries" (Schuh's Biobibliography of Mineralogy). - Der schwedische Chemiker und Mineraloge Bergman (1735-1784) gilt als Begründer der analytischen Chemie. - Gut erhalten. - DSB 2, 4

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