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Artikel 110396-01

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110396-01  Maupertuis, (Pierre Louis Moreau) de.
Oeuvres. Nouvelle edition, corrigée & augmentée. 4 Bände. (20,5 x 12,5 cm). (4) VI (2) XXVIII, 309 (3) S./ (4) IV, 399 (richtig 431) (7) S./ (4) VII, 468 (4) S./ (4) VIII (12) 346 (4) S. Mit gestochenem Porträt, zahlreichen schematischen Textholzschnitten und 1 Kupferkarte. Dekorative Lederbände der Zeit mit reicher Rückenvergoldung.
Lyon, Bruyset, 1756.
"Voici une édition de mes ouvrages plus correctes et plus ample qu'aucune de celles qui ont paru. Dans les précédentes on avoit omis tout ce qui étoit purement mathématique; on le retrouve ici, & il forme le 4e tome... J'ai fait encore des retranchemens & des corrections... enfin j'ai ajouté quelques ouvrages qui n'avaient point encore paru" (Avertissement). - "Maupertuis was the foremost proponent of the Newtonian movement in France and a convinced defender of Newton's ideas about the shape of the earth... In a final revision of the reports on the 'Opérations pour déterminer la figure de la terre' (Oeuvres IV, 355) Maupertuis summarized the corrected measurements for a degree of longitude... Maupertuis was elected to the Académie Francaise in 1743.... (In his paper) 'Les lois du mouvement et du repos'... he set forth the famous principle of least action, which he regarded as his own most significant scientific contribution... (Oeuvres II, 328)... Nevertheless, at this very time Maupertuis was able to publish one of his most significant works, later called 'Système de la nature'. A sequel to the 'Vénus physique', it was a theoretical speculation on the nature of biparental heredity that included, as evidence, an account of a study of polydactyly in the family of a Berlin barber-surgeon, Jacob Ruhe, and the first careful and explicit analysis of the transmission of a dominant hereditary trait in man... On the basis of this study, Maupertuis founded a theory of the formation of the fetus and the nature of heredity that was at least a century ahead of its time... A philosopher as well as a scientist, Maupertuis proved himself a powerful and original thinker in 'Essai de cosmologie'" (DSB). - Einbände stellenweise sorgsam restauriert. Insgesamt dekoratives und nahezu fleckenfreies Exemplar in guter Erhaltung. - DSB 9, 186

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