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106407-02  Pasteur, (Louis), (Charles) Chamberland und (Pierre Paul Emile) Roux.
I: Sur la longue durée de la vie des germes charbonneux et sur leur conservation dans les terres cultivées. SS. (209)-211. - II: Und: Dieselben. De l'atténuation des virus et de leur retour ŕ la virulence. SS. (429)-435. - III: Und: Dieselben. De la possibilité de rendre les moutons réfractaires au charbon par la méthode des inoculations préventives. SS. 662-665. - IV: Und: Dieselben. La vaccin du charbon. SS. 666-668. - V: Und: Dieselben. Compte rendu sommaire des expériences faites ŕ Pouilly-le-Fort, prčs Melun, sur la vaccination charbonneuse. SS. 1378-1383. - VI: Und: Dieselben. Sur la rage. SS. 1259-1260. In: Comptes rendus... de l'Académie des sciences. Tome 92. (27 x 21,5 cm). 1585 S. Halbleinwandband der Zeit.
Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1881.
Zu I-V: Fünf Arbeiten über den Milzbrand-Erreger und seine Bekämpfung, jeweils in erster Ausgabe. - "In soil on a side in which anthrax cadavera had been buried twelve years previosly, Pasteur, Chamberland, and Roux demonstrated anthrax spores by inoculation into guinea-pigs... He found that anthrax will not grow above 45°C but yielded abundant growths at 42-43°C At the latter temperatures no spores were formed. The cultur had indeed become asporogenous, and in a month had ceased to grow. When a virulent anthrax culture in broth was kept at 42-43°C for eight days it had lost a considerable part of its virulence and was innocuous when injected into guinea-pigs, rabbits, or sheep... This was the method which was suggested by Pasteur, Chamberland, and Roux as an anthrax prophylactic or vaccine, and to demonstrate its value and emphasize its importance to farmers a large experiment was undertaken by Pasteur... The experiment consisted in the inoculation... of 24 sheep, 1 goat, and 6 cows with 5 drops of a living attenuated culture on anthrax bacillus... The result was soon apparent... All the vaccinated sheep were well... Pasteur's triumph was complete. The discovery of the anthrax vaccine constituted, he said 'un progrčs sensible sur le vaccin jennérien' (in the last paper)" (Bulloch, The History of Bacteriology S. 244f). - Garrison-Morton 5169. - Zu VI: Erste Ausgabe. - "This Paper marks the beginning of Pasteur's studies on rabies. With C. Chamberland, P.P.E. Roux, and T. Thuillier" (Garrison-Morton 5481.4). - Stempel auf Titel, sonst gut erhalten

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