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Artikel 111742-01

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111742-01  Shannon, Claude E.
Programming a Computer for Playing Chess. SS. 256-275. In: The Philosophical Magazine. Vol. 41, No. 314. (24 x 16,5 cm). SS. 209-312. Mit Abbildungen. Original-Broschur.
London, Taylor & Francis, 1950.
Erste Ausgabe. "The first technical paper on computer chess" (Origins of Cyberspace). - "The relevant history begins with a paper by Claude Shannon in 1949. He did not present a particular chess program, but discussed many of the basic problems involved. The framework he introduced has guided most of the subsequent analysis of the problem... We would hazard that Shannon's paper is chiefly remembered for the specific answers he proposed to these questions: consider all alternatives; search all continuations to fixed depth, n; evaluate with a numerical sum; minimax to get the effective value for an alternative; and then pick the best one" (Newell, Shaw & Simon: Chess-playing programs S. 42). - Rücken erneuert, sonst gut erhalten. - Origins of Cyberspace 882

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