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Artikel 111745-01

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111745-01  Schrödinger, Erwin.
Undulatory Theory of the Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules. SS. (1049)-1070. In: The Physical Review. Vol. 28, No. 6. (24,5 x 17 cm). V S., SS. (1049)-1343. Mit Abbildungen. Original-Broschur.
Minneapolis, 1926.
Erste englische Ausgabe von Schrödingers Wellenmechanik. - "The paper gives an account of the author's work on a new form of quantum theory. §1. The Hamiltonian analogy between mechanics and optics. §2. The analogy is to be extended to include real 'physical' or 'undulatory' mechanics instead of mere geometrical mechanics. §3. The significance of wave-length; macro-mechanical and micro-mechanical problems. §4. The wave-equation and its application to the hydrogen atom. §5. The intrinsic reason for the appearance of discrete characteristic frequencies. §6. Other problems; intensity of emitted light. §7. The wave-equation derived from a Hamiltonian variation-principle; generalization to an arbitrary conservative system. §8. The wave-function physically means and determines a continuous distribution of electricity in space, the fluctuations of which determine the radiation by the laws of ordinary electrodynamics. §9. Non-conservative systems. Theory of dispersion and scattering and of the 'transitions' between the 'stationary states.' §10. The question of relativity and the action of a magnetic field. Incompleteness of that part of the theory" (Abstract). - Einband mit Gebrauchspuren und Stempel. Rücken erneuert. Innen sauber und wohlerhalten

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