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Artikel 111880-01

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111880-01  Soddy, Frederick.
The chemistry of the radio-elements. 2 Teile in 1 Band. (22 x 14,5 cm). VIII, 151 S./ (6) 46 S. Mit Abbildungen und 1 gefalteten Tafel. Original-Leinwandband. (Monographs on inorganic and physical Chemistry).
London u.a, Longmans u.a. 1914.
Erste Ausgabe, Teil 1 in 2. überarbeiteter und deutlich vermehrter Ausgabe. - "Soddy developed with Lord Rutherford during 1901-1903 the disintegration theory of radioactivity, confirmed with Sir William Ramsay in 1903 the production of helium from radium, advanced in 1910 the concept of isotope, proposed in 1911 the alpha-ray rule leading to the full displacement law of 1913, and was the 1921 Nobel laureate in chemistry, principally for his investigations into the origin and nature of isotopes... From the chemical side, Soddy proposed the alpha-ray rule in 1911, the key to the first of two locks. Applying his general principle that the common elements are mixtures of chemically inseparable elements 'differing step-wise by whole units of atomic weight' specifically to the case of the radioelements, Soddy recognized that the expulsion of an alpha particle would result in a lighter element chemically inseparable from those occupying the 'next but one' position in the periodic table. The second lock to the displacement law involved the beta transitions" (DSB). - Gut erhalten. - DSB 12, 504

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