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Artikel 112048-01

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112048-01  Oersted, (Hans) Chr(istian).
Sur quelques nouvelles Expériences thermoélectriques faites par M. le Baron Fourier et M. Oersted. (Notice lue à l'Academie des Sciences). SS. 375-389. In: Annales de Chimie et de Physique. Tome 22. (20,5 x 13 cm). 448 S. Mit 3 gefalteten gestochenen Tafeln. Halblederband der Zeit.
Paris, Crochard, 1823.
Erste Ausgabe. - "Upon his arrival in Paris 1823 (Oersted) reported on Seebeck's researches in a note in Gay-Lussac and Arago's 'Annales de chimie et de physique', in which he coined the word 'thermo-electricity' in contrast to the galvanic current which he denoted 'hydro-electric'. Simultaneously, he undertook together with Fourier a comprehensive experimental investigation of the new phenomenon. Twelve of these experiments, investigating properties of thermo-electric batteries analogous to the Voltaic pile, were described in a joint paper which, published in the same issue of the 'Annals'" (Franksen, H. C. Oersted). - Einband gering berieben, sonst wohlerhalten. - DSB 10, 182

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