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Artikel 112063-01

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112063-01  Curie, Jacques und Pierre.
Développement, par pression, de l'électricité polaire dans les cristaux hémièdres à faces inclinées. SS. 294-295. In: Comptes rendus... de l'Académie des Sciences. Tome 91. (27 x 21,5 cm). 1142 S. Halbleinwandband der Zeit.
Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1880.
Erste Ausgabe. - "Jacques Curie, under the direction of Charles Friedel, undertook research on pyroelectricity, a phenomenon that had been known for quite some time and consisted of the appearance of electrical charges in certain crystals when they were heated.... Revealing a rare sense of geometry, Pierre and Jacques Curie, by means of simple considerations of symmetry in crystals, discovered the novel phenomenon of piezoelectricity, a property of nonconducting crystals that have no center of symmetry. These crystals... were cited in their first publication (1880).... The applications of piezoelectric crystals are innumerable; one of the most important is their use in frequency stabilization of oscillating electromagnetic cirasciots for radio broadcasting stations. They are used in most piezometers for measuring with great precision either very strong pressure variations, such as those of a cannon at the moment of firing, or very weak ones, such as artery pulsations. These applications have led to the creation of a new industry..." (DSB). - Stempel auf Titel. Einband leicht berieben, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 3, 503; Magie, Source Book in Physics S. 547

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