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Artikel 112113-01

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112113-01  Ramsay, William und Frederick Soddy.
Experiments in Radioactivity, and the Production of Helium from Radium. SS. 204-207. In: Proceedings of the Royal Society. Vol. 72, No. 480. (22,5 x 14,5 cm). SS. 195-210. Original-Broschur, unbeschnitten.
London, Harrison, 1903.
Erste Ausgabe. - "Ramsay was particularly interested in determining whether radioactivity was a general characteristic of inert gases. Comparing the behavior of 'emanation' with the other known inert gases, Soddy convinced Ramsay by May 1903 that it was unique in this respect..... The emanation from a solution preparation of radium bromide was collected in a spectrum tube, and after several days they observed the spectrum of helium. In 1902 Rutherford and Soddy, on the basis of their disintegration theory, suggested that the well-known excess of atmospheric and terrestrial helium might be connected with radioactivity. The experimental proof by Ramsay and Soddy that helium is produced directly from radium emanation was a strong confirmation of their disintegration theory" (DSB). - Einband etwas angestaubt. - DSB 11, 277; PMM 411

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