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Artikel 112243-01

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112243-01  Mach, Ernst.
Compendium der Physik für Mediziner. (22,5 x 14,5 cm). X, 274 S. Mit 225 Abbildungen. Pappband der Zeit.
Wien, Baumüller, 1863.
Erste Ausgabe. - "This work notably demonstrated that early in his career Mach had adopted a thoroughly mechanistic interpretation of natural phenomena and accepted the atomic-molecular theory and the kinetic theory of gases without reservation - at least as a working model and hypothesis. In this instance Mach simply was following the philosophically atomistic account of physics that was then in fashion among physicists. Even so, in the preface and at the end of the 'Compendium', Mach explicitly discusses the inadequacies of the atomic theory. He remarks there that whatever metaphysical conception of matter may be put forward in future, the results obtained according to the atomic theory will always be capable of being translated into another conception - just as formulas in polar coordinates may be expressed in rectangular coordinates" (DSB). - Vorsatz und Titel mit Prägestempel. Titel leicht gebräunt, sonst wohlerhalten. - DSB 7, 595

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