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Artikel 112254-01

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112254-01  Wiener, Norbert.
Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine. (25 x 16,5 cm). 194 (1) S. Gelbe Original-Broschur, unbeschnitten. (Actualités scientifiques et industrielles).
Paris, Hermann, 1948.
Erste Ausgabe. - "'Cybernetics' was the first conventionally published book, rather than a technical report, to include a serious discussion of electronic digital computing... the revolutionary aspect of this work can hardly be underestimated... Wiener, independently of Claude Shannon, conceived of communications engineering as a brand of statistical physics, and applied this viewpoint to the concept of information... 'Cybernetics' also contained a chapter on 'Computing machines and the nervous systems'... It contains a discussion of the difference between human memory and the different computer memories then available. Tacked on at the end of 'Cybernetics' were speculations by Wiener about building a chess-playing computer, predating Shannon's first paper on the topic" (Origins of Cyberspace). - Einband mit minimalem Lichtrand und kleinem Abriss in der linken oberen Ecke, sonst sauberes und gut erhaltenes Exemplar. - DSB 14, 344; Origins of Cyberspace 991 (sehr ausführlich)

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