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Artikel 107783-02

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107783-02  Avogadro, A(medeo).
Ideen über die Acidität und die Alkalität, in Beziehung auf die neuen Entdeckungen Davy's... frei übersetzt von Gilbert. SS. 64-75. In: Annalen der Physik. Hrsg. L. W. Gilbert. Band 34. (20 x 12,5 cm). (12) 486 S. Mit 6 (3 gefalteten) Kupfertafeln. Pappband der Zeit.
Leipzig, Barth, 1810.
Erste deutsche Ausgabe seiner bedeutenden und frühen Arbeit mit dem Titel "Idées sur l’acidité et l'alcalinité". - "Avogadro published his first article dealing only with chemistry in 1809. This memoir, on acids and alkalies, is interesting for several reasons. In the first place it illustrates his abiding concern with chemical affinity and incidentally the great influence exerted on him by Berthollet. Second, in the opening paragraph, which criticizes the oxygen theory of acidity, it illustrates his radical approach to post-Lavoisier chemistry. He postulated a relative scale of acidity in which oxygen and sulfur were placed toward the acid end of the scale, neutral substances in the middle, and hydrogen at the alkali end. A significant feature of this scale was that it was continuous. Avogadro would not allow any absolute distinctions. He was not, for example, prepared to agree with Berzelius that oxygen was absolutely electronegative. Davy, in 1807, had suggested a connection between acidity and alkalinity and electricity; Avogadro developed this idea. Another feature of Avogadro's interests found in this memoir is the subject of nomenclature. He was to give more detailed attention to this in the 1840's" (DSB). - Stempel auf Titel. Vereinzelt gering gebräunt, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 1, 343

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