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Artikel 112522-01

Bild von Artikel 112522-01

112522-01  Goddard, Robert H(utschings).
Liquid-propellant Rocket Development. (23,5 x 15 cm). (2) 10 S. Mit 11 Tafeln. Moderner Pappband im Stil der Zeit. (Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections).
Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1936.
Erste Ausgabe. - "After the advent of ballistic missiles and space exploration, Goddard became posthumously worldfamous as one of three scientific pioneers of rocketry... (He) worked out the theory of rocket propulsion independently; and then almost alone he designed, built, tested, and flew the first liquid-fuel rocket on 16 March 1926 near Auburn, Massachusetts... during most of the 1930's, Goddard demonstrated, despite many failures in his systematic static and flight tests, progressively more sophisticated experimental boosters and payloads, reaching speeds of 700 miles per hour and altitudes above 8,000 feet in several test flights. Among Goddard's successful innovations were fuel-injection systems, regenerative cooling of combustion chambers, gyroscopic stabilization and control, instrumented payloads and recovery systems, guidance vanes in the exhaust plume, gimbaled and clustered engines, and aluminum fuel and oxidizer pumps... Although his list of firsts in rocketry was distuguished, Goddard was eventually surpassed by teams of rocket research and development experts elsewhere, particularly in Germany. By temperament and training Goddard was not a team worker, yet he laid the foundation from which team workers could launch men to the moon" (DSB). - Sehr sauber und sehr gut erhalten. - DSB 5, 433.

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