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Artikel 112594-01

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112594-01  Wallis, John.
A Treatise of Algebra, both historical and practical... With some additional treatises, I. Of the Cono-Cuneus... II. Of Angular Sections... III. Of the Angle of Contact... IV. Of Combinations, Alternations, and Aliquot Parts. (32,5 x 19,5 cm). (20) 374 S.; (4) 17 S.; (2) 76 (richtig 176) S.; (2) 17 S. Mit gestochenem Porträt, 10 Kupfertafeln und zahlreichen schematischen Textholzschnitten. Pergamentband der Zeit.
London, Playford for Davis, 1685.
Erste Ausgabe. "Wallis' last great mathematical book... the fruit of many years' labor... it was to combine a full exposition of algebra with its history, a feat never previously attempted by any author... Of the 100 chapters, the first fourteen trace the history of the subject up to the time of Viète, with emphasis on the development of mathematical notation. The subsequent practical introduction to algebra (chapters 15-63) was based almost entirely on Oughtred's 'Clavis mathematicae', Harriot's 'Artis analyticae praxis', and 'An Introduction to Algebra' (1668)... After an insertion concerning the application of algebra to geometry and geometrical interpretations of algebraic facts (chapters 64-72, including an attempt to give a representation of imaginary numbers), Wallis devoted the final twenty-eight chapters to a subject that one would hardly look for a book on algebra today: a discussion of the methods of exhaustion and of indivisibles, again with reference to the 'Arithmetica infinitorum'... The 'Algebra' also includes an exposition of the method of infinite series and the first printed account, much augmented in the second edition, of some of Newton's pioneering results... A part from some editions of Greek mathematical classics, the 'Algebra' with its several supplementary treatises - 'Cono-Cuneus' (a study in analytic three-dimensional geometry), 'Angular Sections', 'Angle of Contact', and 'Combinations, Alternations, and Aliquot Parts' - marked the end of the stream of mathematical works" (DSB). - Titel mit sorgsam restauriertem Einriss. Stellenweise leicht stockfleckig bzw gebräunt. Einband gering berieben und altersfleckig. Insgesamt wohlerhalten. - DSB 14, 146

8.500 €