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Artikel 100058-01

Bild von Artikel 100058-01

100058-01  Müller, Joh(annes).
Bestätigung des Bell'schen Lehrsatzes, daß die doppelten Wurzeln der Rückenmarksnerven verschiedene Functionen haben, durch neue und entscheidende Experimente. Sp.113-122 - (Und:) Fortsetzung der Versuche über die Wirkung des mechanischen und galvanischen Reizes auf die vorderen und hinteren Wurzeln der Rückenmarksnerven. Sp.129-134. In: Notizen aus dem Gebiete der Natur- und Heilkunde, gesammelt und mitgetheilt von L. Fr. von Froriep. Bände 30-32 in 1 Band. (25 x 21,5 cm). (4) 358 (4) 358 (4) 358 Spalten. Mit 4 lithographierten Tafeln. Pappband der Zeit.
Weimar, Landes-Industrie-Comptoir, 1831.
Erste Ausgabe. - "Experimental proof of Bell-Magendie law of the spinal nerve roots" (G/M). - "Müller was responsible for a remarkable advance in neurophysiology: confirmation of the Bell-Magendie law by means of a simple experiment performed on the frog... At first he experimented on rabbits, but the work was difficult and yielded ambiguous results. Consequently he continued his investigation on frogs, the use of which in the laboratory had almost entirely ceased. In the frog the spinal cord was far easier to remove, the relationships between the nerve roots were much more apparent, and the results unambiguous and always reproducible. Cutting through the posterior roots leading to a hind leg, he found that the limb became insensible but was not paralyzed. When he cut through the anterior roots, however, he observed that the limb was paralyzed but not rendered insensible. The simplicity, conclusiveness, and memorableness of the experiment - which has been repeated countless times in physiology courses - made a marked impression on Müller's contemporaries. To be sure, Müller, who was driven by ambition throughout his life, did not hesitate to make his experiment widely known. In that very year (1831) he reproduced it in Paris for Cuvier and Humboldt and, in Heidelberg, for Tiedemann. He also had his friend Anders Retzius perform the experiment in Stockholm" (DSB). - Vereinzelt etwas stockfleckig. Oberes Kapital leicht bestoßen, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 9, 565; Garrison-Morton 1259

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