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Artikel 111345-01

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111345-01  Meyen, Franz Julius Ferdinand.
Phytotomie. (20,5 x 13 cm). XXII (2) 356 S. Mit 14 doppelblattgroßen Kupfertafeln. Halblederband der Zeit, unbeschnitten.
Berlin, Haude und Spener, 1830.
Erste Ausgabe dieses bedeutenden und seltenen Werkes, in dem Meyen bereits vor Schleiden und Schwann die Zelltheorie beschreibt. - "Meyen's most important scientific publication was 'Phytotomie'. Written when he was twenty-five, it presented the new field of microscopic plant anatomy. The book appeared at the beginning of about ten years of intensive microscopic investigations of plants and animals. At the end of this period the Schleiden-Schwann cell theory had fully emerged. Meyen's 'Phytotomie' did not in every respect represent progress, but its comprehensive summary of the subject provided a strong impetus to further research. In response to the much-discussed question of the type and number of the elementary plant organs, Meyen described the cells, spiral tubes, and sap vessels. For the various forms of cellular tissue he introduced new designations - mesenchyma and pleurenchyma - to be added to those already used by Link - parenchyma and prosenchyma. Before Meyen's research, only the structure of the cellular reticulum was considered important, but he investigated the contents of the cell as well. Most notably, he described in detail the movements that could be observed within it... In Phytotomie he also treated movements of fluids throughout the plant. He viewed the lactiferous tubes as circulatory organs and 'as the highest thing that the plant produces.' The fluid circulating within them corresponded, he thought, to the blood of animals" (DSB). - Vorsätze leimschattig. Oberes Kapital gering eingerissen, sonst nahezu fleckenfrei und wohlerhalten. - DSB 9, 344; Nissen BBI 1353; Pritzel 6134

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