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Artikel 98994-03

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98994-03  Nägeli, C(arl Wilhelm) v(on).
Mechanisch-physiologische Theorie der Abstammungslehre. Mit einem Anhang: 1. Die Schranken der naturwissenschaftlichen Erkenntniss, 2. Kräfte und Gestaltungen im molecularen Gebiet. (24,5 x 16 cm). XI, 822 S. Halblederband der Zeit.
München und Leipzig, Oldenbourg, 1884.
Erste Ausgabe dieses berühmten Werkes, in dem Nägeli seine evolutionsbiologischen Ansichten darlegt. - "In his search for general laws, Naegeli used his micellar theory, which was based on carbohydrate products, to arrive at a molecular-aggregate model of the hereditary substance, its expression, growth, and modification. This inspired piece of deductive thinking appeared in his famous 'Mechanisch-physiologische Theorie der Abstammungslehre' (1884), where the important distinction is made between the nutritive trophoplasm and the hereditary idioplasm - the egg being rich in trophoplasm, the spermatozoon almost completely without it... Other biologists, notably Weismann and Nussbaum, developed this idea in relation to current work in cytology. Whereas Naegeli made his idioplasm a continuous web of fibers which penetrated cell walls, Weismann limited it to the chromosomes in each cell. Osacr Hertwig, on the other hand, who was much influenced by Naegeli, did not restrict the idioplasm to the chromosomes but to the nuclear substances as a whole. Naegeli's micellar theory can be seen as the fulfillment of his aim to put Schwann's crystal model of cell growth on a sound footing" (DSB). - Exlibris. Rücken nachgebunden, sonst sauber und gut erhalten. - DSB 9, 600

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