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Artikel 104717-01

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104717-01  Tarski, Alfred.
A decision method for elementary algebra and geometry. Prepared for publication by J. C. C. McKinsey. (28 x 21,5 cm). (4) 60 S. Original-Kartonband. (U.S. Air Force Project Rand. R-109).
Santa Monica, Rand Corporation, 1948.
Erste Ausgabe dieser bedeutenden Arbeit, handschriftlich nummeriert und mit handschriftlicher Widmung von McKinsey, dem Herausgeber und guten Freund Tarskis. - "Tarski considered the completeness and decision procedure for elementary algebra and geometry to be one of the two most important research contributions in his entire career... Yet, though the work had been done by 1930, the details were not published until 1948. This is partly accidental because in 1939 Tarski did finally prepare a monograph, describing the method.... for a Parisian publisher, but the invasion of France by Germany in 1940 disrupted the publication process... In 1948, the RAND Corporation became interested in Tarski's decision procedure... McKinsey, who was then working for RAND, may have suggested that the procedure could be programmed for computer calculations of the optimization of strategies in the theory of games, but implementation of that would require first writing up its theoretical details in full. He was handed the job of preparing Tarski's aborted 1939 work for publication... under Tarski's supervision" (Feferman, Alfred Tarski). - Einband stellenweise gebräunt und etwas berieben, sonst gut erhalten. - DSB 18, 893; Givant 48m

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