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Artikel 110879-01

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110879-01  Alessio Piemontese (d.i.: Girolamo Ruscelli).
Les secrets du Alexis Piemontois. Reveu, et augmenté d'une infinité de rares secrets. (17 x 10,5 cm). 675 (70) S. Mit 4 Textholzschnitten. Flexibler Pergamentband der Zeit.
Rouen, Cailloiie, 1637.
"It is one of the most famous of the receipt-books and its popularity is shown by the number of editions in various languages through which it has passed" (Ferguson). - "In the mid-1550's there appeared numerous editions of a book entitled 'Secreti' and attributed to an 'Alessio Piemontese,' otherwise unknown. It was issued first from Italian presses - the earliest edition so far known was published in Venice in 1555 - but the Italian text had been translated into French and English by 1558... The Secreti goes on to enumerate a wide range of empirically discovered recipes, including medicinal compounds, cosmetic preparations, and formulas for the chemical technology of pigments and dyes, metallurgy, and jewelry... The phenomenal popularity of the original 'Secreti' implies a considerable influence. Lynn Thorndike supposed that it was the original stimulus behind the flood of books of secrets that began at this time" (DSB). - Die Abbildungen zeigen Destillieröfen und Violen. - Titel mit Besitzvermerk von alter Hand und leichten Gebrauchspuren. Schnitt mit kleinem Tintenfleck. Vorsätze teils aufgeplatzt. Einband leicht fleckig und ohne Bindebänder. Insgesamt gut erhalten, besonders für ein derartiges Gebrauchsbuch. - DSB 15, 491; Ferchl 455; Ferguson I, 22; Ron, Bibliotheca Tinctoria 22; vgl. Caillet 179 (ähnliche Ausg.)

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