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Artikel 91046-01

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91046-01  Bacon, Roger.
Perspectiva. In qua, quae ab aliis fuse traduntur, succincte, nervose & ita pertractantur, ut omnium intellectui facile pateant. Nunc primum in lucem edita. Opera & studio Iohannis Combachii. - Beigebunden: Derselbe. Specula mathematica: in qua, de specierum multiplicatione, earundemque in inferioribus virtute agitur. Liber Omnium scientiarum studiosis apprime utilis, editus opera & studio Iohannis Combachii. 2 Teile in 1 Band. (19,5 x 14,5 cm). (8) 189 (richtig 207) S.; (8) 83 S. Mit zus. ca. 110 Textholzschnitten und 8 Holzschnitttafeln. Moderner Lederband im Stil der Zeit.
Frankfurt, Richter für Humm, 1614.
Zu I: Erste Ausgabe eines seiner bedeutendsten Werke, das in seinem 1733 erschienenen "Opus majus" den Teil 5 bildet. - "This work includes the important 'Tractatus de speculis', enunciating the laws of reflexion and in a general way of the refraction of light, and using them to give a rough explanation of the rainbow and of magnifying glasses. It also contains the determination of the focus of the spherical mirror, and his first suggestion of spherical aberration by starting that the reflected rays did not meet at one point, but in a series of points in the optical axis" (Sotheran). "Containing at end, 8 full pages of diagrams illustrating the action of lenses" (Duncan). - DSB 1, 377; Sotheran Suppl. II, 4365; Duncan 519. - Zu II: Erste Ausgabe eines seiner bedeutendsten Werke, das in seinem 1733 erschienenen "Opus Majus" den Teil 4 bildet. - "Part IV of the 'Opus maius' is devoted to the usefulness of mathematics (1) in human affairs (this section was published separately as the 'Specula mathematica')... Bacon sang the praises of mathematics, 'the first of the sciences', 'the door and key of the sciences', 'the alphabet of philosophy'" (DSB). - Exlibris. Durchgehend etwas gebräunt bzw. braunfleckig, sonst gut erhalten.

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